School Chaplain

My name is Tammy Bija and I am the School Chaplain.  My original background is deceased estate support, grief and loss.  I also have been involved in volunteer roles with children over a similar time running programs to groups and individuals.  I made the switch to Chaplaincy because I found myself leaning towards supporting families through crisis and listening to the needs of others.  Over the years I have been given the unique privilege of helping both adults and children through some of their most vulnerable times. I am passionate to see other people flourish no matter their path in life or challenges faced.  

My role in the School is:

  • To be a visible and inclusive presence in the School Community and provide social, emotional, physical and spiritual needs of the staff, students and their families, if required.
  • Work as an effective member of the Student Service Team to provide positive support to students, to promote learning.
  • Liaise with Classroom Teachers, School Support Staff and Student Service Team to address student needs.
  • Attend Student Service Meetings to access referrals and action plans
  • Work with small groups of students to support student leadership, social skills, social and emotional well-being of students with quality, targeted programs.
  • Provide resources and referrals to external agencies
  • Support happy and safe recess and lunchtimes with vulnerable students
  • Regularly attend School Community events.

I work at Ashdale Primary, two days a week on Monday and Tuesday.  I can be contacted through the front office, your child’s classroom teacher or our Student Services Deputy.