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Benefits of TDS

Message from the Principal

A Professional Learning Community (PLC) approach is the cornerstone to Ashdale Primary School. Our Business Plan is built upon the three ‘big ideas’ of PLC; Learning, Results and Collaboration. This learning component for staff is especially important.

The Teacher Development Schools (TDS) initiative has been a driver of this concept at Ashdale Primary School since becoming a TDS in 2014. Ashdale Primary School staff have taken the roles of both participant and provider of Professional Learning. This has created an intertwined relationship between self-development and capacity building of key individuals in the school. Staff now see the need to develop and hence, become learners themselves.

Since the school has taken on TDS, there has been further reflection by teachers to advance their own personal status. We have had five teachers apply for Level Three status with three passing all five competencies with another two banking three competencies. Prior to this year, there were only two Level Three teachers in a large Level Six school.  All five above mentioned teachers have been involved, at some level, with the TDS project.


Special Educational Needs (SEN)

Ashdale Primary School has adopted a Response to Intervention approach. Initially, Ashdale Primary School was a trial school of the ABLES Program in 2015. In 2016, ABLESWA was used with tier three students, specifically, students with disabilities. As we have progressed with using this tool, we are now addressing the needs of tier three students, without disabilities, to create meaningful and data-driven documented plans. These plans are created in consultation with staff, parents and other support agencies, to provide PL and build the capacity of staff. Ashdale Primary School is currently in the third year of implementation of ABLEWA.

Staff are clear about the targets, have evidence-based strategies and use the additional support time effectively. We now have data to demonstrate progress of students accessing curriculum outcomes from Stage A of the ABLEWA curriculum, through to year 6.

As Ashdale Primary School is a large school, we currently have 45 students involved in a variety of capacities the ABLEWA program, to support students with disabilities and additional learning needs. This puts Ashdale Primary School in a good position to support others, in a role outside of our school.