Message from the Principal

A Professional Learning Community (PLC) approach is the cornerstone to Ashdale Primary School. Our Business Plan is built upon the three ‘big ideas’ of PLC; Learning, Results and Collaboration. This learning component for staff is especially important.

The Teacher Development Schools (TDS) initiative has been a driver of this concept at Ashdale Primary School since becoming a TDS in 2014. Ashdale Primary School staff have taken the roles of both participant and provider of Professional Learning. This has created an intertwined relationship between self-development and capacity building of key individuals in the school. Staff now see the need to develop and hence, become learners themselves.

Since the school has taken on TDS, there has been further reflection by teachers to advance their own personal status.  We currently have a total of ten staff who have achieved Level Three status, many of whom have been involved at some level, with the TDS project.

What support can Ashdale Primary School provide?

Ashdale Primary School is a TDS for Special Educational Needs (SEN) and Digital Technologies. We can offer individualised Professional Learning to staff at DoE schools.

Special Educational Needs

Ashdale Primary School has a Response to Intervention (RTI) approach to ensuring all students have access to high quality learning. We have implemented the ABLEWA to provide quality teaching and learning programs for students with disability and how this links into the Reporting to Parents: Special Educational Needs.

Ashdale Primary can assist in:

  • understanding the Response to Intervention and how this links with NCCD
  • completing an ABLEWA assessment
  • translating the findings from the ABLEWA assessment into a working document
  • understanding the Reporting to Parents: Special Educational Needs (RTP:SEN)
  • building capacity of staff to work with students with special educational needs

Digital Technologies

Ashdale Primary School has been a TDS for Digital Technologies and it is embedded in our teaching practices across the school. We can offer schools Professional Learning to:

  • unpack the Digital Technologies curriculum
  • provide assistance to schools in whole-school implementation
  • provide small group- specific support in building capacity of staff to understand, plan, teach and report in Digital Technologies.

What is the Teacher Development Schools initiative?

The Teacher Development Schools (TDSs) initiative acknowledges teachers learn best from other teachers. The aim of the TDS continues to be building a shared professional understanding and capacity to improve what happens in classrooms. The TDS will deliver practical, school-based professional learning opportunities for teachers and school leaders to learn directly from the successful practices of others.  This will enable expertise to be applied and shared across schools and the system.

In 2018–2021, TDSs provide professional learning to best meet the needs and context of teachers across schools, networks and regions.

How do I access support from Ashdale Primary School for Special Education Needs or Digital Technology?

There are two ways of accessing support from Ashdale Primary School.

  1. Attend an event initiated by Ashdale Primary School.
  2. Professional Learning Events are available through PLIS Access professional learning support for teaching and learning practices - Ikon - The Department of Education

Join our Connect page Western Australian Curriculum Ashdale Primary School TDS as we advertise upcoming events there.  

To request an individualised Professional Learning event, you will need to complete an online Request for Support direct from the webpage (you will need a DoE login to access).

How do I find out more about TDS?

For general enquiries about TDS contact:

How can I find out more about ABLEWA?

Visit the SCSA site to find many resources to support your understanding of the assessment tool to design quality learning programs