As part of an Ashdale Cluster initiative Ashdale Primary School offers the voluntary 1:1 Program for students in Year 4, 5 and 6. This program involves families being given the opportunity to lease or purchase an iPad. The iPad belongs to you and the student will access information and undertake creative projects both at school and at home.

In keeping with Ashdale’s vision of embedding technology, the 1:1 Program enables students to learn the important skills that are essential to maximise their potential in a 21st Century classroom and workplace, and access the ever-growing collection of information, applications and culture that is available to the networked student.

The 1:1 Program has involved the school negotiating a low price for the iPad with Winthrop Australia. Families then purchase the approved iPad outright or enter into a lease agreement with the recommended company or a personal provider. IPads can also be sourced from alternative suppliers. This is an optional program.

Please find some helpful links below:

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Year 4 2023 iPad program

Year 4 2023 1:1 Flyer